Monday, April 12, 2010

unit 7

My meditative practices have gotten better each week. I have been focusing a lot on my breathing and just trying to not let my mind wander and start thinking about all the things that stress me out. There were actually a few times this week where I was able to just sit and relax for about ten minutes and it felt great. I am still working on my loving-kindness exercises by just telling myself it is ok to forgive and forget. It is still a work in progress. Even though my meditation practices are not perfect and do not always work I have definitely noticed a difference in my overall well-being. I do not know if it is just due to being conscious of the things that stress me out, but I have been in a better mood lately and less is getting to me. The more I practice the more I should be able to improve upon this.

This quote kind of applies to me now. I am trying to help clients with their spiritual wellness and meditation practices when I have not perfected them myself. I can see where this could be a disadvantage because if I have not experienced what it feels like to achieve this then how can I fuly help them? I think in a way though it is good because my clients and I can grow spiritually together and learn and offer insight that may be able to help one another.


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I'm so pleased to read that your exercises for lovingkindness and thesubtle mind are going well for you. That's a positive benefit to your health. :) It's funny how much we have become aware of our consciousness and what we are thinking about regularly since we have been taking this class. I never really made myself aware before and now I am just as you are. I too have noticed that I have been in a better mood lately since practicing these exercises and getting such inspiration from my peers in this class on our blogs. Keep up the good work!


  2. Kevin, I believe in you, you have been very successful and you are going to be even better now that we have the tools to work with. You know we knew a lot about ourselves but just think it took this class to get us on the right path. I am glad you had those great relaxating moments this week and thanks for your input on my blog.

  3. Kevin,

    I am doing the same thing over and over. I repeat loving kindness nightly. I also intend to do this exercise as well. I need to find self love and then project that feeling to myself. This is not an easy goal as we both well know but if we take the time, I am sure we will succeed. Good luck!


  4. Hey Kevin, you make a great point about how you and your clients can grow together through the inexperienced experiences. ha. That makes sense in my head. I feel that these opportunities are definitely learning experiences for you and your patients. This can help you open more doors to your practice as well!

  5. I agree that it can be overwheling when stress is involved. I too want to be integrally healthy and am feeling much better than before. I get migraines, tension and stress in my neck and shoulders. I have not gotten up in morning with aching muscles, and when I did have aches in my neck and shoulders from the stress I practice the very first exercise with the blood flow moving to this area and feel much better. I also have found each and every practice worth time each day, and should make more time in my day for it. I also enjoyed the seminar with the walking exercise as I walk daily for exercise and now will work on walking for meditation. GOod luck with your journey.

  6. I'm glad the exercises are working for you good for you Kevin. I agree it does take a daily process to love a person or people that hurt us or to be able to forgive and forget. I feel once we have reach a place in our lives where we can forgive it helps a lot. The people that usually are doing the hurt have went on with their lives like nothing has happen or they did anything. So I had to tell myself why waste time and energy thinking about the past when my future is right in front of me; this is what helps me plus a lot of prayer really helps.

    Know Kevin, my practices didn’t work for me at first either because I was so hurt and angry; therefore I felt the exercises were stupid. (Just being honest) But when I told myself how can it help me if I won’t let it? So I had a choice to make, let my past control my future, which gives that person or persons that hurt me more power and control over my life or forget about it and accept the help. I chose to accept the help and now I feel so much better.

    Nice post Kevin.