Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mental Workouts

Mental workouts are extremely important to our overall wellness. To achieve overall wellness we must be sound physically and mentally. Mental workouts can help us to alleviate stress and reduce our risk of developing diseases related to stress. Working on our mental fitness can also help us develop our consciousness and the healing aspects of our consciousness. I am going to try to take some time everyday to improve upon my mental fitness and see how it helps me in the long run.

Unit 5

I thought these two exercises were very different. They did share some similarities such as focusing on breathing. The loving-kindness seemed more like meditation where we tried to focus on our breathing while replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. The subtle mind to me seemed more like an exercise. It is a way to train the mind. Once we get through the three steps and achieve unity consciousness we can achieve pure wisdom and reduce stress.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unit 4

The experience I got from the CD was great. The loving kindness concept is definitely something I need in my life. I have a hard time forgiving people and letting things go. Practicing loving kindness can help me with this problem. This inturn will help me heal relationships with people that have hurt me. I would definitely recommend this to others because I think it makes forgiveness a lot easier.

A mental workout can help us ease our minds. By replacing negative emotions with positive ones we can help address our stress levels. Also, by using the mental workout we can achieve a higher level of selfawareness and increase our mind body connection.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Relaxation Exercise

This exercise was different then others I have done in the past. It made me think of the Olympic athlete positive emotion test we learned about last unit. I tend to talk to myself in a positive manner similar to that before fights and it does definitely help. I liked it a lot.

My well-being

A. Physical well-being I would give myself a ten. I own my own gym and work out every morning. Also, I am a competitive boxer and I train for that multiple nights a week.

B. Spiritual well-being: This part is pretty non existent for me . I would give myself a 1 here.

C. Psychological well-being: I would give myself a 5. I constantly take on too much and I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed.

To improve on things I could start taking time to meditate. Also, to assist with stress I could have better time management skills and do a better job of delegating.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Journey on relaxation

I felt this was very relaxing. I think it was a combination of things that did it for me. First of the music alone could have put me to sleep. Paying attention to every word he said and trying as hard as i could to just clear my mind and relax felt nice. I was not able to completely relax because I live with other people and it is really hard to find a completely quiet space. Even with that said I felt a lot better after the exercise.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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