Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unit 4

The experience I got from the CD was great. The loving kindness concept is definitely something I need in my life. I have a hard time forgiving people and letting things go. Practicing loving kindness can help me with this problem. This inturn will help me heal relationships with people that have hurt me. I would definitely recommend this to others because I think it makes forgiveness a lot easier.

A mental workout can help us ease our minds. By replacing negative emotions with positive ones we can help address our stress levels. Also, by using the mental workout we can achieve a higher level of selfawareness and increase our mind body connection.


  1. Hi Kevin,
    I may forgive people, but I never forget and that just annoy me because I torture myself like this, but I was never able to forget and let go of the past. I once read a poem written by William Blake, it was called the poisonous tree and it is about holding bad feelings that will haunt us at the end like taking care of an apple tree and then eating the poisonous apple, I believe in this concept. I tread that when I was 15 years old and decided to learn how to forget, yet I never did.
    I failed to engage totally in this exercise, I guess I am too aware of my sorroundings, but one mental exercise that I respect a lot is anger management because so many people have anger issues and it seems like those exercise do work. Loving-kindness is good as well, but I am still in my early stages with such exercises.

  2. Kevin and Fatima,
    I have a difficult time forgiving one person from my past. This is difficult for me because the person haunts me literally with it bringing up things that happened in my childhood over and over again. I would love to get passed this but find it difficult. This exercise was a great experience for me and maybe by practicing this like the text suggests I will be able to move on and let go.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    I know what you mean about having a hard time forgiving people, but I think it all depends on how severe the issue is/was. If it's something silly or does not cause too much pain, we learn to forgive but if this person causes friction between you and others and has an attitude towards you that causes pain, then forgiving may not be so easy. I can understand where you're coming from. We never forget the pain people cause us, especially if they continue to cause us pain and love to pick a fight. They are not worth the energy or time and you must move on with your life. There are plenty of people out there just waiting to meet you and who you could have positive encounters with and wonderful friendships. Stay focused and positive!


  4. I find forgiveness to be easier than forgetting as well. I tend to always have in the back of my mind what they did. I do the same for myself. If I do something great, I only remember what I did wrong.


  5. Hello kevin You are so to the point.(Nice) thank you for your input on forgiveness. We are gaining a lot of insight to help us heal. Glad to know you are working to reduce your stress.