Friday, March 5, 2010

Journey on relaxation

I felt this was very relaxing. I think it was a combination of things that did it for me. First of the music alone could have put me to sleep. Paying attention to every word he said and trying as hard as i could to just clear my mind and relax felt nice. I was not able to completely relax because I live with other people and it is really hard to find a completely quiet space. Even with that said I felt a lot better after the exercise.


  1. I am trying to relax more and more. I find the majority of my problems are associated with stress.

  2. Kevin,
    With four small children I can only agree with you about distractions when I am trying to relax. The music was nice, I should have closed my eyes too, but I really enjoyed the visual show and found it very relaxing. In the text I found it interesting when the Olympic mentalist was able to continue the test without the loud noise distracting him, I would like to accomplish this someday.

  3. I had a hard time finding quiet time too. I found myself doing it right before bed, actually in bed. lol. That probably wasn't the best thing, because I did feel energized by the end and that did not help. :) I am glad that you felt better afterward, at least you got some positive results with the exercise!