Monday, March 15, 2010

My well-being

A. Physical well-being I would give myself a ten. I own my own gym and work out every morning. Also, I am a competitive boxer and I train for that multiple nights a week.

B. Spiritual well-being: This part is pretty non existent for me . I would give myself a 1 here.

C. Psychological well-being: I would give myself a 5. I constantly take on too much and I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed.

To improve on things I could start taking time to meditate. Also, to assist with stress I could have better time management skills and do a better job of delegating.


  1. I understand....delegation comes hard! I find myself willing to take on even more before I ask someone else to help. Sad....


  2. Hello kevin, Your physical well-being is awesome, and I know how physically motivated you are from your success. I hope to be a 10 in my physical because It is very important for me at this time to be physically fit I have been fit in the past but I am living in the now. I hope to see you work toward delegating and managing your stress because remember we are seeking "balance."
    Thanks, Brenda A.

  3. Kevin,
    I have to wonder how you can be a 10 physically, a 1 spiritually, and a 5 psychologically? If your mind is stressed doesn't your body feel this stress too? I do not function this way unfortunately for me, I am a mess when I am stressed, I explained my symptoms in an earlier post, but I get headaches, I catch every little bug my kids bring home, I am miserable both physically and mentally. I rely on my spirituality to pull me through these times along with the meditation I do when I can find time, but in the end I need more time for me! I would love to work out daily and will strive to eat healthier and become more resilient to stress.
    Thanks for sharing.