Monday, April 19, 2010

unit 8

The two exercises I liked best were the loving-kindness and the visualization exercises. I like the loving-kindness one because it is quick, can be done at any time, and it does not ignore negative emotions. It is a good exercise in taking negative emotions and making them positive ones. Also, I have a hard time forgiving people and even though I have not perfected this exercise I believe in the long run it will help reduce my stress levels by allowing me to more easily forgive. The visualization exercises I like because I find them to be easy and I feel an immediate response. I try to visualize myself accomplishing tasks. I have been using this a lot before my fights and training sessions. I feel more confident and relaxed then I did before I applied these exercises.


  1. Kevin,
    Loving Kindness was my favorite practice too because of the ability to forgive. This is very difficult for me and I want to overcome it to become more healthy. I also love this because of the negative emotions I let build up and this practice makes me turn them into postive which encourages me to make everyday decisions to be more positive.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I think it was you that I told the story of the "poisonous tree" poem by William Blake.
    The hatred is like growing a tree, feeding it, and when it will give it fruit, it will poisonous and will kill us.
    I discovered that dwelling on hurt, hate, disappontments,...etc will consume so much energy and space of my mental capacities, so I decided for my own sake to let go.
    I have a friend who once told me that God get people in life not in after death and when I thought about it, she was right. Those who hurt us may not receive the punishment that we wish for them, but they receive the punishment that will hurt them the most, but we do not realize it.
    So my friend, let go, move on, and always trust God to the right thing for you and remember what does not kill us make us stronger, so some suffering is for our own good after all.

  3. Hey Kevin, I too like the Loving-Kindness exercise. We all have negativity in our lives, sometimes more than we can handle. I love how this exercise helps dissolve those negative thoughts. I sure do hope that this helps your challenge of forgiveness. Forgiveness is crucial to your health. Good post!