Friday, April 2, 2010

unit 6

I found the loving-kindness exercise to be most beneficial. I liked how it only took ten minutes and it is very simple to perform. I also like how it can be performed at anytime of the day. I found it helps to temporarily relieve some of the stress I have on a day to day basis. The integral assessment I found more difficult. I like how it is set up to focus on what is relevant currently in my life. I have a hard time releasing all mental activity. The secret for me was just to focus on nothing but those words, "releasing all mental activity." Once I was able to get to where I wanted to be and could concentrate this exercise was great in helping me focus my attention to my problem areas. I then focused on what areas are important for my personal development. I know that my spirituality is lacking and that is what I intend to work on. Out of the four quaderants I need to work on my psychospiritual the most. I also liked the reflection process. This was infact my favorite part. Looking back at situations and coming up with ways to better handle them in the future made me feel great at the end. I am going to work on not letting uncontrollable emotions control me. I am going to practice mental witnessing and try to replace these feelings with more neutral feelings.


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Look like you are like me, I am one of those people with temper, I got set on fire fast and I calm down with regrets faster. I learned my lesson though, now I stay silent for a while before answering, I thing thinking it out is better than a fast, clever response because it turned out it was not clever at all.
    I read once a story about a father with an angry son, so the father told his son "every time you get angry with people go nock a nail in the fence" so the boy did and after a while the fence was full, so the father told the son to take all the nails out, the son did, then the father told his so "look at the fence, all the nails are gone and it seems like no nails were nocked" the son agreed, but the father said go close and see the whole you made in the fence, those are the whole you make in people feelings every time you say some angry words. The story touched and I decided not to reply when I am hurt, so at least I have a chance to fix the problem later, yet I admit sometimes I still get angry but not like when I was younger, I guess age really play a role in our maturation. Thanks God.
    Good luck with your psychospiritual development. Take care.

  2. Kevin,

    I liked your post. Over the years, I have found I have strong emotions about almost everything. Isn't that bizarre. I am working on simply not caring about that tv add or the eyeliner the lady was wearing. Self love is easier to me as well but I have a rough time letting go and being neutral.


  3. Kevin,
    I am the world's worst about letting uncontrolable emotions control me. This exercise will be beneficial to me as well. I wonder how I will have time in a day to practice all of these exercises but I intend on working on integral health with each of them until I accomplish my goals.

  4. Hello Kevin and Fatima, yes I know what you mean to feel the rise of anger. I am still learning to control it. Every now and then i look at the person that is impossible to anger and I gleam off them. If I can be still for the first 60 seconds then I am usually there.